Advertising on *poisonfree.com

Below you'll find all information you'll want regarding adspace on *poisonfree.com.
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There's two simple ways to do this :

1. banner flatrate

Banner pricing on poisonfree.com is ridiculously cheap. For comparison, most "professional" sites offer adspace per banner impressions, with 5-10 €/$ per 1.000 banner impressions.
Our standard offer is a banner flatrate, a standard 468x60 pixel banner slot on top of all our pages, in which all daily banner impressions are shared equally by all flatrate customers.
Example: On an average day, with 200 000 page impressions, and 10 banners overall, your banner would still get insane 20 000 banner impressions that day. Go figure.

1 month = 50 EUR*
2 months = 40 EUR / month*
3 months or more = 30 EUR / month*

*All prices NET, plus 19% value added tax.
No VAT if you got a VAT id and your business is registered in the european union, but outside germany.

2. other stuff (please contact us)





f.a.q. - frequently asked questions

Q: Can I book several months ahead and pay in monthly rates?
A: Sure, no problem.

Q: Can I have an invoice?
A: We´ll supply you with a regular invoice, including value added tax and all that crazy §§§ stuff you need.

Q: Can I get another discount?
A: If you book 3 months or more and pay in advance, you'll get another 3%.

Q: Can we trade banners?
A: No. Unfortunately, running pxf costs shitloads of money, so we habe to reserve banners for paying customers.

Q: Can I trade records or merch against banner ads?
A: We don't have a shop to sell your merch, so unfortunately no.

Q: I'm running this non profit benefit page, will you give me some adspace for free?
A: Send us your banner and link and we'll consider it. We have always some space for a good cause. Please understand, even that spot is limited. We're giving away one "benefit slot" a month.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Wire transfer, paypal, cheque, cash.

Anymore Questions? Please contact us!